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Press Pitching Services

Got Good Music? Lets Get It In That Right Hands

We offer Press Pitching Services that get your music in the hands of journalist and influencers that voice makes a difference. We’ve placed artists in some of the top newspapers, blogs, magazines, and playlist in the US. Our long standing relationship with newswires services partnered with CISION gives us a direct line to the editors that push the news. Our approach of quality over quantity has gained us the respect and relationships with journalists, contributors, and influencers. We only pitch the best up and coming music and we only submit press releases of the highest professional standard.

  • Get Your Music To Top Journalist & Influencers
  • Increases Brand Awareness
  • High Ranking Domain Authority Placements

Check out our Consulting Services page: LINK.

Frequently Asked Questions about our services FAQ page: LINK.

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